Goals of family therapy include:

  • Better understanding of healthy boundaries,

​       family patterns and dynamics

  • Enhanced communication
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Improved problem solving
  • Deeper empathy and compassion
  • Reduced conflict  

More specifically:

  • Bringing the family together after a crisis
  • Creating honesty between family members
  • Instilling trust in family members
  • Developing a supportive family environment
  • Reducing sources of stress within the family
  • Helping family members forgive each other
  • Conflict resolution for family members
  • Reconnecting with family that has been

       on the outside due to divorce, addiction, adoption,                 runaway, abuse, etc.

​Has your Family road trip taken a detour?

Common Relationship Struggles Include:

  • Lack of satisfaction and enjoyment

       with your partner

  • Lack of intimacy or diminished interest in sex
  • Persistent miscommunication
  • Infidelity
  • Keeping the relationship functioning through

        one partners’ addiction,  past abuse, or chronic illness

  • Differing ideas of roles, rules, and expectations
  • Difficulty transitioning to a parenting relationship
  • Excessive anger
  • Inherent differences in lifestyle decisions

       (having children, religion, career)

  • Extended family conflicts
  • Inability for your partner to get why you are hurting
  • Having the same arguments over and over again


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Discover your best self together.

At Holistic Psychotherapy of Marin, we recognize the complexities that contribute to family derailment. The whole system will be addressed and all the systems that impact each individual in the family will be considered. As a family, we don't set off on a course of pain and struggle, but we can navigate our way back while supporting the health and wellness of each family member.

Families come to therapy in the midst of intense conflict and stress. Whether your challenges are new or years in the making, one thing is clear: everyone in the family is affected.

Family conflicts are often very difficult to solve when you are directly involved. Everyone has their own ideas about what the problem is and what needs to be done about it, but frequently, the solutions either make the problem worse or have become out of reach.

* All Sessions are currently
over the phone,

or by Zoom

* All sessions currently

over the phone,

or by Zoom

Develop the Skills to Deepen Your Emotional Connection 

​​​​At Holistic Psychotherapy of Marin, we will address the whole human being, both individually and as a system.  The couple is a living organism unto itself and when a component or many parts of the system are in imbalance the entire system overcompensates.   

This can quickly spiral out of control and leave the foundation of the relationship fatigued and reliant on external, unsustainable remedies that further derail opportunities for connection.  Resulting in mistrust, resentment, blaming, shaming, and an overall sense of being unsafe.

In our time together, you will restore the vitality and emotional resonance of the partnership.  You will deepen your emotional connection, restore intimacy, and learn to value each other’s unique experiences.

Regardless if your goal is to stay in partnership or develop the tools to thoughtfully part ways, you will come together and feel acceptance,

love and forgiveness for yourself and your partner.

Come together, right now

...because we wait, we put things off to a time that seems will be better,

more right, less disruptive. And, while we wait, so much of our being aches

to be expressed but instead, is put on hold, on hold and diminished.

      "When shall we live if not now?" ~M. F. K. Fisher

Holistic Couples Counseling is different than individual psychotherapy in

that during our time together we will -

explore the rich histories of both individuals and the combined history

of the partnership.Couples are often unaware of how much of their past

is replayed in the present relationship.

Neural pathways develop from passive observations of our early relationships and throughout life, they're repeatedly rehearsed and strengthened-- constructing our present-day expectations for communication and worthiness of love & intimacy.