Dr. Arinn Testa, Psy.D


Your efforts will unlock inherent potential and passions,

 fortify your immune system, unify your goals,

deliver flow into your daily activities.

* Currently, all sessions are available 

by Zoom or over the phone

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Navigating the path home to you

Holistic Individual Psychotherapy will address your health from the cellular level all the way out to the connection you have with the living world.  Depending on what you want to address in therapy we will create an individualized plan to deliver you to the health and wellness you’re seekingThis will be a combination of the work you do during our time together integrated with the application of this work outside the office between sessions as well as occasional referrals to other skilled holistic health professionals. 

During our time together you will explore...

  • How your decisions, actions, and self-perception have become reliant on preserving past attempts to escape some sort of threat.
  • How these preservation attempts have become wired into the deep

       structures of your brain, inaccessible to the present day, conscious

       knowledge of yourself and the world.

  •  How these attempts at preservation may have been adaptive at one time, however, currently they no longer serve you. 

Learn to... 

  • Break from habits, addictions, self-judgment, emotional instability,  and difficult memories.
  • Redirect from the spinning that occurs from

        living habitually.

  • Experience deeper more fulfilling relationships

        with yourself and others. 

  • Access innate resources to harness your inner compass.


  • Tools for self-regulation
  • An inner anchor - a secure place to come home to

        in times of stress, disconnection, and tranquility.

  • A greater capacity to trust your thoughts,

        emotions, and actions.

  • Enhanced connection to your senses: 

        seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting in new            astonishing ways