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On the day you were born,

you had all the inherent strength,

goodness, and wisdom

you would ever need.

All you needed were

the tools to access it


​                                      ~Laurel Mellin, PhD


   HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY OF MARIN                          Dr. Arinn Testa, Psy.D

 Liberate your emotions &

experience limitless natural pleasures.

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"Arinn provides a depthand sincerity to her work that forges unity, passion and perseverance for those who train with her. She finesses with an honesty that tailors to a transparent culture of willpower and independence, but also a sought after trust and interdependence. I hold Arinn in high regard as she nurtures the presence and wholeness in leaders to help them realize a higher quality of life."

"EBT is awesome!! I've been in different therapies for years and EBT was the first that really clicked in me

as far as a genuine answer and not just a band-aid.

It was very difficult at first just because expressing

my emotions was so foreign to me - but if you can

push through the uncomfortable feelings at first

(which is needed for any change anyway) it can

truly change your life!!!! Also, Arinn is the best!!

Very loving and great at helping people bring out

their emotions!"



We all have the innate ability to be well.

Traumatic and challenging experiences in our lives affect our nervous system, rendering us vulnerable, confused, and at times stuck in a fight, flight and/or freeze responses to life.

I offer both individual coaching and groups through the Emotional Brain Training website.  As the Director of Research for Emotional brain Training (EBT) I am immersed in cutting edge neuroscience discoveries that lead to effective, sustainable changes in the blueprint of our being.  I also develop and teach courses in the Professional Certification Program designed for professionals who are ready for a paradigm shift in their practice.

"In the EBT paradigm, joy is not happiness, but the state of the brain in which we have neural integration; that is, brain fitness, where stress is low, and we feel a slight surge of pleasure in our bodies. That is the optimal state for health, and the passion and desire to live an exceptional life. You learn about how your brain works, so you know what the tools are doing and can picture them operating in your brain to stop the cascade of stress hormones and to activate surges of feel-good neurochemicals. You learn how to become comfortable processing your emotions and training your brain to become hooked on natural pleasures and joy.

"Before we understood more about the nature of the emotional brain, most people thought that stress was bad, and wanted to avoid it at all costs. Now we know differently. In EBT,

you will learn how to move through stress back to joy, but also,

to use stressful moments as “moments of opportunity” to change your brain. When we are stressed, we shut down feelings or ramp up (hostility, depression, panic, anxiety, shame). In those moments, if we use the EBT tools, we can quickly move to joy, and at the same time rewire the circuit that caused that stress."  

~Laurel Mellin -Founder of EBT

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The stepwise EBT practice includes weekly professional facilitation, workbooks, videos, audios, & membership to the EBT mobile App.